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December TREB report

GTA Home Sales Decline 16% in 2018: December TREB Report

By: Zoocasa

The festive season wrapped up a quiet year for the real estate market in the Greater Toronto Area, as reported by the Toronto Real Estate Board.

The latest report shows a 31.5% decrease in new listings in the GTA compared to December of last year, with 4,308 units on the market and a total of 3,781 homes sold. Compared to November, the month suffered a 39% fall in activity and an overall 22.5% decline in sales since a year ago. Market conditions during the month reflected a busier time for sellers with 87% of all homes listed sold.
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Ontario sellers markets

Is Ontario Almost Entirely a Sellers’ Market?

By: Zoocasa

Ontario is either almost entirely advantaged toward the seller, or balanced, according to the latest data from Zoocasa.

That means the sales-to-new listings ratio (SLNR) exceeds 60 per cent in 12 Ontarian cities. A sales-to-listings ratio of 40 to 60 per cent is considered balanced, and below that range it becomes a buyers’ market.

“While the SNLR doesn’t always reflect how affordable a market is, it can offer valuable hints on how a market has changed over the long or short term, and whether or not it’s an advantageous time to list or purchase a home,” writes Penelope Graham, managing editor at Zoocasa.
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